Investing in a Gold IRA

While the collapse of the dollar has not yet come to fruition, many investors and economists expect falling dollar values as inevitable. Because of that, many financial experts recommend that their investors invest heavily in gold to protect their portfolios from complete loss.

This is because investing in precious metals is considered an ideal way to hedge against a collapsing dollar and inflation. As a result, many investors have opened a Gold IRA (individual retirement account) to diversify their portfolios.

Who Recommends Investing in Gold?

Robert Kiyosaki – Bestselling Author “Rich Dad Poor Dad”

Glenn Beck

Top Gold IRA Companies To Work With

1. Regal Assets.

They are the best. You can check out a detailed review about Regal Assets before making any decision.

2. Lear Capital.

They are quite ok but you should check out Regal instead if you want to sleep well at night. Anyway, here’s a review about Lear Capital if you are interested to know more about them.

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